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It is a very surreal thing to see yourself on the evening news. I knew going into this that news editors have a tendency to take 15 minutes of intelligent discourse and then use the 15 seconds where you sound like a complete moron, so I was kind of dreading seeing this. It turns out that it’s not too alarmist, though they do still take the whole BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU angle. I think what people are really afraid of is that they don’t know how data collected about them is being used. There’s very little transparency when you More >

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The Nth Dimension

The limiting factor in furthering our understanding of how stuff works is often our own biology. We need technology to bridge the gaps our brains aren’t designed to manage. Our brains are amazing at doing certain things, like filling in perception/knowledge gaps with memories and best guesses, but ask someone to listen to two songs simultaneously or make a decision based on more than twenty simultaneous variables and you start to see the brain break down.

For the last few hundred years, media technology has mostly been focused on supplying people with information like facts, figures, stories, parables, and other linear More >

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Google Glass & Invisible Data


Google Glass, the wearable computer with an always-on video sensor and over-eye display, freak a lot of people out. There are very real privacy issues that come into play when anyone has the ability to take photos or video surreptitiously, and (more importantly) doing so becomes normal and acceptable in society. Judging by the number of people trying to preemptively ban the device, society is definitely not ready for this to become normal. However, notice that I called it a video sensor, not a video camera. My point is that while someone probably could use the technology for evil ends, More >

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Spam made me do it

According to eMarketer and InsightOne, a despicable crime is being perpetrated all across America, right under our very noses. Yes, I’m talking about human on computer violence, a subject the media has been far too lax in reporting up to this point. How can you sleep at night knowing 4% of computers and mobile devices are being mercilessly beaten? I, for one, feel it’s time to put an end to the violence. Type, not smash.


Ad:Tech 2013

This year for Ad:Tech I did something I’ve never done before–I worked a booth in the exhibit hall. Usually I hang out in the conference rooms with big name marketers and exchange ideas with keynote speakers, and it’s rare that I have time to make it to the expo floor. However, we’re working with a very cool start-up called IMRSV that uses software to track people as they walk in front of a simple webcam and they invited me to co-curate a booth. Their technology guesses people’s age and gender in real time, and is an incredibly easy way to get More >

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Do I get a prize? Lunch with someone? A pony? How about less spam from random biz dev people? That would be an excellent prize.


The Era of Big Feelings

[This post was originally written for, then edited for this blog. On a personal side-note, I totally just coined the phrase "Big Feelings." Go me.]


At the IPG Media Lab, we often engage in what we call “Quantitative Qualitative.” In other words, we listen for Qualitative information, like how you feel when a pop-up ad startles you, or the rush you get when a web service seemingly reads your mind and suggests the exact thing you were looking for, but we do it on a very large scale. We don’t just want to know what a dozen people behind a More >

Screen Equality (did not see this coming)

The narration on this video is a little intense, but it does a good job of showing off how I spent most of May and June, 2012. I’ll be presenting the findings for this study along with YuMe at the 2013 ARF Re:Think Conference in New York. Not to spoil your viewing experience, but the really interesting thing we discovered here is that…. [continued below]




…ad clutter has a lot more to do with ad effectiveness than does the device on which you view the ad. Surprising even me (pretty darn rare), the notion that people watch video on their mobile More >



As much as I love my iPhone, it’s about time someone stopped trying to copy them and started trying to out-do them. Well played, Samsung. This is a great ad.

google spam

Google Spams Itself

This is just kind of funny. Gmail sent a Google AdWords promo email to my spam folder. Nice job guys. Way to protect me from…you.